The question of which team would win Zone 3 Zones was answered early in the day. Host Centenary University won the first four team classes, with Nina Leeds (on left, with co-coach Michael Dowling) winning the third during that streak. The freshman from Dallas, Pennsylvania won team novice fences. By the end of the day Centenary riders had won seven of the eight team classes and won by a 53-36 margin over runner-up Penn State. Since joining Zone 3 in mid-2010 the Cyclones have won the Zones show seven times including the last six and have sent a full hunter seat team to Nationals each of those eight seasons.

From Westfield, New Jersey, Tristen Cascio (on right) walked and trotted better than anyone in the individual walk-trot at Zone 3 Zones on April 7th as determined by judge Todd Karn. Red Foxes head coach Clare Knapp (on left) pose with Cascio's blue ribbon won in the division which made her the lone Marist rider to qualify for 2018 IHSA Nationals. On May 4th Cascio closed out her sophomore year with an eighth in the division at IHSA Nationals in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
If you combined the individual and team classes held at 2018 Zone 3 Zones you would find that all but two of them were won by Region 3 riders. Just as Centenary won seven of eight team classes Region 3 riders won seven of eight individual undergraduate classes. Claudia Krebs of the State University of New York at New Paltz (center, between co-coaches Gary and Susan Clark) had to wait until late in the day for her winning ride. From Goshen, New York Krebs won out over nine others in individual intermediate on the flat on April 7th. Krebs got to ride earlier in the day a few weeks later, for individual intermediate flat was the first flat class and fourth class overall on opening day of IHSA Nationals. Krebs finished her sophomore season with a sixth in the division at Nationals held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg on May 3rd.
The United States Military Academy qualified four riders for Regionals in 2017-18, with Matilda Brady (pictured) the only member of the Black Knights to point up twice. From Easton, Connecticut Brady qualified for Regionals in both novice flat and fences during her junior year. The USMA finished fifth overall in the competitive Region 3 over the course of seven shows.
One rider who had to settle for a second at Zone 3 Zones simply did better a few weeks later at IHSA Nationals. Former Alfred University rider Stephanie Zimicki (on left) was a red ribbon winner in alumni flat at Zones on April 7th. The top two move on to Nationals, where Zimicki posed for this photo with Rebecca Jacobson. Jacobson was part of the Alfred coaching staff when Zimicki was an undergraduate and today Jacobson is part of the SUNY - New Paltz coaching staff. Jacobson and the Clarks may have offered some advice for Zimicki at Harrisburg on May 5th, and it came to pass that the former Saxon won out over the rest of the field to be the 2018 National Champion in alumni flat.
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The Zone 3, Region 3 Smorgasbord

 Schools which competed in Zone 3, Region 3 during the 2017-2018 school year: Centenary University (NJ), Drew University, Marist College, Sarah Lawrence College, State University of New York at New Paltz, Stevens Institute of Technology, United States Military Academy, Vassar College and William Paterson University.

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Recent Zone 2, Region 1 Team Champions (Re-named Zone 3, Region 3 prior to the 2010-11 Season)

Hunter Seat:

1997 - Centenary College
1998 - Centenary College
1999 - Centenary College
2000 - Centenary College
2001 - Centenary College
2002 - Centenary College
2003 - Centenary College
2004 - Centenary College
2005 - Centenary College
2006 - Centenary College
2007 - Centenary College
2008 - Centenary College
2009 - Centenary College (2008-09
IHSA Hunter Seat National Champions)
2010 - Centenary College
2011 - Centenary College (2010-11
IHSA Hunter Seat National Champions)
2012 - Centenary College
2013 - Centenary College
2014 - Centenary College (2013-14
IHSA Hunter Seat National Champions)
2015 - Centenary College
2016 - Centenary College
2017 - Centenary University
2018 - Centenary University

Western (started in region 1 Fall 1998; was part of a combined western region at times through 2015 but rode only with the same schools as Region 3 hunter seat during 2015-16):

1999 - United States Military Academy
2000 - United States Military Academy
2001 - United States Military Academy
2002 - United States Military Academy
2003 - United States Military Academy
2004 - Centenary College
2005 - United States Military Academy
2006 - United States Military Academy
2007 - United States Military Academy
2008 - United States Military Academy
2009 - United States Military Academy
2010 - United States Military Academy
2011 - Centenary College
2012 - Centenary College
2013 - Centenary College
2014 - Centenary College
2015 - University of Delaware
2016 - United States Military Academy
2017 - Delaware Valley University
2018 - Delaware Valley University

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