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Believe it or not in this photo half the Fallows family is in Philadelphia and the other half is in the town of Lafayette Hill! This is because the October 6th University of Pennsylvania show in Region 5 took place at Northwestern Stables in Philadelphia, a facility located right on the city's border. Kiernan Fallows of the University of Delaware (holding ribbons) and her Father are the ones standing on the Philadelphia side of the street. From Moorestown, New Jersey, Fallows won both of her limit classes that day to earn high point rider honors.

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From left to right are Penn State - Altoona head coach Shira Houser, Abigail Raugh, Brooke von Westernhagan, Elizabeth Pecora and IHSA Founder Emeritus Bob Cacchione as photographed at the November 9th Dickinson College show in Region 1. This was the third show of the year attended by the recently retired Founder and Executive Director. Raugh, a sophomore from Palmyra, Pennsylvania had just shown in intermediate fences and would receive a second. Raugh pointed out of limit fences earlier in the season while Pecora was already qualified for Regionals in walk-trot prior to this day's event in Ringoes, New Jersey.

Centenary University dominated 2018 Zone 3 Zones. Held in their equestrian center the Cyclones won all but four non-alumni classes (in plain English this means 13 of 17 classes). Among other things the results bear out include seven of eight wins in team classes and the Cacchione champion for the host school...
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Region 1: Since Centenary moved into Zone 3 in mid-2010 only twice has another school within the zone prevailed as high point team at a Zone 3 Zones show. The first of the two was back in 2012 when a Region 1 school had high point team honors locked up prior to the final team class...
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Region 2: On March 21, 2004 Delaware Valley hosted and won the Zone 3, Region 2 regular season finale. This meant that the Aggies would take a full team to Zones for the first time in Ten years!...
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Region 3: Centenary was still a member of Zone 2 when they competed at 2009 IHSA Nationals in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. After waiting 30 years the Cyclones finally won the whole thing for their third National Championship at that time...
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Region 4: Region 4 was formed from part of Zone 3, Region 2 (plus one school from Central Pennsylvania) in mid-2001. It was not until 2009 that the Region 4 Region Champion made the top two at a Zones show and advanced a full team to IHSA Nationals. That team was also making its' first appearence at a Zones show with a full team when they accomplished this feat...
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Region 5: Zone 3, Region 5 was formed initially as Zone 4, Region 4 in mid-2010 and re-named and returned to Zone 3 in mid-2013. However prior to mid-2010 most of the current Region 5 schools were in Zone 3, Region 2. Included here is a story about a show on November 11, 2003 won by a certain school from the first state...
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