From Foxboro, Massachusetts, Danielle Beinars of Cazenovia College (holding "Cal") had quite a nice final home show on February 22nd. The senior, who is already qualified for Regionals in both intermediate fences and level II western, won both of her open classes and took part in a two-way ride-off. It was her first ride-off for high point in four seasons but Beiners once previously was high point without the need for a ride-off.

The other rider to qualify for the ride-off was Bridie Hamilton of the University of Ottawa (pictured). The second year student from Calgary, Alberta won both of her intermediate classes on February 22nd and even won the ride-off over Beiners to claim high point rider honors for the day. Hamilton helped the Gi-Gi's tie St. Lawrence University for high point team honors for the day, both with 42 points. However one of the St. Lawrence riders thought Ottawa deserved the high point team ribbon because they had more firsts over fences which would technically be the tie-breaker as otherwise these schools each had four firsts, two seconds, a third and a drop score.
Alice Adams of Syracuse University (on left, with head coach Denise Van Patten) is seen here after placing second in intermediate over fences at the February 22nd Cazenovia show. From Fair Haven, New Jersey, Adams is going to Regionals though we are not sure if this is in intermediate flat, novice fences or both (A technical issue has prevented us from receiving the Regional Qualifiers and we are trying to rectify the problem). Syracuse has been one of the storys of the season, as they finished the fall either tied for first overall with St. Lawrence or were perhaps ahead by three points prior to visiting Cazenovia on the 22nd. In any event it was clearly the best start ever for the Orange team.
Though St. Lawrence found themselves in a tight race for overall high point team versus a school that had never been this close so late in the season, the Saints had a big day at Cazenovia on February 22nd. Early on Syracuse had an advantage. However a St. Lawrence first for their limit fences point rider gave the Saints the advantage. As the show progressed the two schools kept getting the same ribbons in each division, which continued until the final two divisions when the pointed St. Lawrence riders won blue ribbons and the Syracuse riders just missed out. One of four pointed Saints to win their class was Elizabeth Novicki (pictured). A sophomore from Walpole, Massachusetts, Novicki won her limit flat class which started the streak of three wins in a row for St. Lawrence point riders.
It is not often that horses get upset when you leave them out of a picture but "Bacardi" (on right) insisted he get into the shot. Clarkson University head coach Jerry Dean (on left) poses with Golden Knights junior Lee Fuchs following her ride in intermediate fences on February 22nd. Bacardi, who Fuchs rode to a third, pushes his nose into her back during the photograph session. From Morris, New York, Fuchs is qualified for Regionals in limit fences. Clarkson has quietly become a very good team in one of the nation's strongest regions despite not having been in the IHSA ten seasons ago. The Golden Knights even claimed high point team honors at one of the SUNY-Geneseo shows during the fall, scoring 41 points in the process.
Of late this writer has seen a proliferation of "Horse Show Dads" in attendance at IHSA shows. Catherine Fedor of the State University of New York at Geneseo (on right) poses with her Father after riding in the limit over fences at that same February 22nd Cazenovia show. From Clarence, New York, Fedor was very close to pointing out of limit fences and may have done so with a fourth on this occasion. Geneseo finished fourth for the year in Region 2 and were even in first place after the opening day competition (a one point win over Syracuse and Ottawa, 34-33 with three other schools at 27 points and higher).
From Oakville, Ontario, Olivia Shedler of the University of Guelph (on right) poses with Gryphons head coach Amy Noonan after riding in the same limit fences class as Fedor. The third year student was third in the class which qualified her through to Regionals on March 28th.
Though she is a sophomore it is the final semester on the team for Martha Modinger of the State University of New York at Oswego. Seen here holding "Timmy" Modinger was second in that same limit over fences class where Shedler was third and Fedor fourth. From Otego, New York, Modinger was already qualified for Regionals in novice equitation.
Headed into the Cazenovia show on February 22nd Le Moyne College did not have a rider qualified for Regionals. However their only hope for a qualifier did just that. Le Moyne Head coach Brenda Peck (on left) poses with Jennifer Powell of the Dolphins after her third in novice equitation sent her to St. Lawrence for Regionals on March 28th. Powell is one many seniors photographed at the Cazenovia show. There were so many of them that we may present a separate story on Region 2 seniors if time ever permits.
Her name is not pronounced "Poison" but rather "Pose-sawn" as it is very french. Jennie Poisson of Canisus College (on right, with head coach Judy West) is the only member of the Golden Griffins to qualify for Regionals in 2019-20. A sophomore from Saco, Maine, Poisson is headed north on March 28th for a ride in the novice division.
After he dismounted following his ride in intermediate fences on February 22nd Jack Donner of the University of Ottawa (center) was not all that happy with his round. However judge Susan Kantz (not pictured) thought enough of it to award Donner first place. Ottawa coaches Mark Struthers (on left) and Lauren Hunkin pose with Donner shortly before he was announced as the blue ribbon winner. A third year student from Russell, Ontario who was already qualified for Regionals in both limit divisions, Donner is wearing a Gi-Gi's necktie that coach Struthers thought was one of the best ties he had ever seen. While much attention has been given to the close race between St. Lawrence and Syracuse the Gi-Gi's were not far behind through six shows. Ottawa was only 19 points out of first with two shows remaining and can claim to have won or tied for first at each of the two shows held at Cazenovia this season.
When this photo of Kate Harckham of Syracuse University (on left) and head coach Denise Van Patten was taken on November 17, 2018 Harckham had pointed out of intermediate fences that day and what was then novice flat the previous week. From Katonah, New York Harckham was second to Hamilton in intermediate flat on February 22, 2020. Syracuse riders finished second in ten of the 27 classes held at Cazenovia on February 22nd. It should be mentioned that the Orange were high point team at only one of the six fall shows even though they were in first place overall. However that one win was at St. Lawrence where it is next to impossible to beat the Saints in their own building.
When this photo was taken at the November 4th, 2017 Cazenovia show Maeve Cruikshank of St. Lawrence University's Father held up his daughter's number to show she would be wearing 331. However Region 2 re-draws their numbers every year. Therefore Cruikshank (on right) now wears number 542. It probably does not matter what number Cruikshank wears, as she won her Limit flat class on February 22nd wearing 542 and her novice flat class (the division now known as limit) on 11/4/17. During the fall of 2019 St. Lawrence was the only Region 2 school to earn high point team honors twice and their ability to outscore Syracuse 46-36 at the Saints second fall home show is probably the difference why they will field a full team at Zones (in their own facility no less) on April 4th.
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 Winter/Spring 2020 Show Schedule for Zone 2, Region 2

westernSaturday, February 15 State University of New York at Oswego (Host) at JD Performance Horses, Oswego, NY Time TBA WESTERN ONLY

westernSunday, February 16 State University of New York at Oswego (Host) at JD Performance Horses, Oswego, NY 9:30AM 2 WESTERN ONLY

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westernSunday, March 1 Zone 2, Region 2 Western Regionals Hosted by Cazenovia College at the Cazenovia College Equestrian Center, Cazenovia, NY 10:00AM WESTERN ONLY

westernSaturday, March 21 WESTERN SEMIFINALS - DAY 1 at the Black Hawk College East Campus Ag Arena, Galva, IL Time TBA WESTERN ONLY

westernSunday, March 22 WESTERN SEMIFINALS - DAY 1 at the Black Hawk College East Campus Ag Arena, Galva, IL Time TBA WESTERN ONLY

englishSaturday, March 28 Zone 2, Region 2 Hunter Seat Regionals Hosted by St. Lawrence University at the Elsa Gunnison Appleton Riding Hall, Canton, NY Time TBA ENGLISH ONLY

englishSaturday, April 4 ZONE 2 ZONES Hosted by St. Lawrence University at the Elsa Gunnison Appleton Riding Hall, Canton, NY 9:00AM ENGLISH ONLY

englishwesternThursday through Sunday, April 30 - May 3 IHSA NATIONALS at the Exposition Center at the New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY Time each day TBA ENGLISH AND WESTERN

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