The University of Southern California got on the scoreboard during the first hunter seat team class held at 2022 IHSA Nationals courtesy of Cory Williams (on right). Seen here with Trojans head coach Kat Griffiths, the senior from Santa Barbara, California placed fifth in team limit over fences. While many would think this equaled two points for the Trojans the scoring system is different at an IHSA Nationals event. Ten points are awarded for first, eight for second, seven for third all the way down to a half point for tenth. Therefore Williams, who also competed at 2019 IHSA Nationals as a freshman, put five points on the scoreboard for SoCal.

Sometimes plans change on a moment's notice. At Zone 8 Zones on April 9th in Stanford, California August Decker-Curry of Cal Poly-Pomona finished third in the individual limit on the flat. With only the top two moving on to IHSA Nationals it appeared this was the final IHSA ride for the senior coincidentally from Pomona, California. But then on May 4th at 8:00AM Pacific Time someone contacted Decker-Curry to say that one of the two riders who placed above her at Zones will not be competing at Nationals, and if she wanted to she was welcome to compete at Nationals in that rider's place. Amazingly Decker-Curry was able to make all the necessary travel arrangements and was at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 24 hours later! Decker-Curry is seen here in the stands in Harrisburg a few hours before she placed ninth in the nation in individual limit flat.
From Charlotte, North Carolina, Elle Oldre of the University of Arizona (pictured) is seen here near horse draw for the individual open flat class at 2022 IHSA Nationals on May 5th. North Carolina is also home to St. Andrews University, and the director of riding at St. Andrews comes up with a different way to do the horse draw every year at Nationals. Her name is Peggy McElveen (not pictured), and this year she used her train set to match rider numbers to train cars. You can see the train set in back of Oldre on the right. We are not sure which horse Oldre drew that day, but it was a pretty good match as Oldre finished fifth in the nation in individual open flat.
While Williams, Decker-Curry and Oldre were all members of the class of 2022 Isabella Anderson of the University of California at San Diego (pictured) is a member of the class of 2023. From Encinitas, California, Anderson was second at Zones in individual limit on the flat on April 9th to advance to 2022 IHSA Nationals. Anderson is seen here with a saddlepad she won at Nationals (among several prizes) for placing seventh in the nation in individual limit flat in Harrisburg on May 5th. The Tritons will host the first Region 2 hunter seat shows of 2022-23 over the October 22/23 weekend at Hansen Dam. However on the 22nd the first Region 2 Western shows since before the pandemic will take place at Cal Poly-Pomona's Kellogg Arabian Horse Center. Needless to say it will be a busy weekend in Region 2.
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The Zone 8, Region 2 Smorgasbord

 Schools competing in Zone 8, Region 2 during the 2022-23 school year: Arizona State University, Cal Poly - Pomona, Chapman University, Claremont Colleges, Mount San Antonio College, University of Arizona, University of California at Los Angeles, University of California at San Diego and University of Southern California.

Uncle Jimmy's
 Winter/Spring 2023 Show Schedule for Zone 8, Region 2:

westernSaturday, January 28 Mount San Antonio College (Host) on campus, Walnut, CA 9:00AM 2 WESTERN ONLY

englishSaturday, February 4 Arizona State University (Host) at Crossroads Farms, Gilbert, AZ Time TBA ENGLISH ONLY

englishSunday, February 5 Arizona State University (Host) at Crossroads Farms, Gilbert, AZ Time TBA ENGLISH ONLY

englishSaturday, February 11 University of California at Los Angeles (Host) at Hansen Dam Equestrian Center, Lake View Terrace, CA Time TBA ENGLISH ONLY

westernSaturday, February 11 University of Arizona (Host) Site TBA 10:00AM (MOUNTAIN TIME) 2 WESTERN ONLY - CANCELLED

englishSunday, February 12 University of California at Los Angeles (Host) at Hansen Dam Equestrian Center, Lake View Terrace, CA Time TBA ENGLISH ONLY

westernSunday, February 12 Zone 8, Region 2 Western Regionals Hosted by the University of Arizona Site and Time TBA WESTERN ONLY - CANCELLED

englishSaturday, February 25 University of Arizona (Host) Site and Time TBA ENGLISH ONLY

englishSunday, February 26 University of Arizona (Host) Site and Time TBA ENGLISH ONLY - CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER CONCERNS

englishSaturday, March 4 Zone 8, Region 2 Hunter Seat Regionals at Bella Vista Stable, Sunland, CA Time TBA ENGLISH ONLY

englishSaturday, April 8 ZONE 8 ZONES Hosted by Stanford University at the Stanford Red Barn Equestrian Center, Stanford, CA Time TBA ENGLISH ONLY

englishwesternThursday through Sunday, May 4 - 7 IHSA NATIONALS at Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY Time each day TBA ENGLISH AND WESTERN

Show Schedule subject to change.

Recent Region 2 Team Champions (During the 2019-20 season Western was not legal meaning there were fewer than five Region 2 Western shows held while no Region 2 Western shows were held in 2021-22)

Hunter Seat:

1997 - University of San Diego
1998 - University of San Diego
1999 - ????????????????
2000 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2001 - ????????????????
2002 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2003 - University of San Diego
2004 - University of San Diego
2005 - University of San Diego
2006 - University of Southern California
2007 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2008 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2009 - University of Southern California
2010 - University of Southern California
2011 - University of Southern California
2012 - University of Southern California
2013 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2014 - University of Southern California
2015 - University of Southern California
2016 - University of Southern California
2017 - University of Southern California
2018 - University of Southern California
2019 - University of Southern California
2020 - University of Southern California
2022 - University of Southern California
2023 - University of Southern California


1997 - ??????????????????
1998 - ??????????????????
1999 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2000 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2001 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2002 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2003 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2004 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2005 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2006 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2007 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2008 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2009 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2010 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2011 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2012 - Arizona State University
2013 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2014 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2015 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2016 - University of Arizona
2017 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2018 - University of Arizona
2019 - Arizona State University
2023 - Mount San Antonio College

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