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At the moment two of the three Georgetown University riders pictured here are abroad for a semester. From left to right are Katherine Sargent, Lauren Seibel, head coach Jeff Becker and Rebecca Ohman of the Hoyas as seen on opening day October 2016. Seibel was reserve high point rider the day this photo was taken (her IHSA debut) while Ohman went all the way to 2017 Nationals where she placed eighth in individual novice over fences last May 4th. While these two are away for the fall of '17, Sargent came out of the fall 2017 Zone 4, Region 1 season opener sitting in fourth place in the open rider standings. As a team Georgetown scored 26 points on October 7th which puts them only six points out of second place in the early going.

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Two Virginia Tech riders advanced through Regionals and Zones to compete at 2017 IHSA Nationals. Karly Clayton (not pictured) was sixth in individual intermediate over fences while Amanda Collins was the reserve national champion in individual walk-trot-canter. From Roanoke, Virginia, Collins (third on right) is seen here with friends and family who were on hand at AllTech Arena in Lexington, Kentucky to watch her compete in the class made up of 16 riders on May 4th.

Posted here are the results from 2016 Zone 4 Zones, won by a school from Region 3 with a Region 1 school not far behind...
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Region 1: While we are on the subject of Zones how about the Zones show hosted by Goucher College on a snowy day in March of 2015? The host school won by the closest of margins, and in plain english this means a tiebreaker!...
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Region 2: 2011 Zone 4 Zones were hosted by Bridgewater College. When it was over the host school had come from behind to win and send a full hunter seat team to IHSA Nationals for the first time in program history...
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Region 3: History was made in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on March 19 and 20, 2016 as one school won all six team classes at an IHSA Semifinal event for the first (and so far only) time. This Region 3 school has continued to fair well in post-season western events...
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Region 4: 2008 Zone 4 Zones were won by a school that no longer exists! However the runner-up is currently one of the strongest if not the strongest team in Region 4...
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Region 5: Another 'list' of post-season winners? Let's break that streak and post our account of the October 17, 2004 Virginia Tech show, which was the first IHSA event held at their now 13 year old Alphin - Stuart Livestock Arena...
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