Kayla Kleinman of Skidmore College (on horse) won the individual walk-trot class at IHSA Nationals on May 4th. Skidmore riders have now won seven of the eight undergraduate individual hunter seat divisions at Nationals over the history of the program.


Raleigh, NC - When preparing to write a story about the individual hunter seat classes at IHSA Nationals this writer usually tries to find one angle to emphasize. Sometimes one team will win the majority of the individual classes. Sometimes schools from a particular region or zone come up with a large block of blue ribbons. Sometimes eight different schools win one blue ribbon each (but rarely; usually at least one school wins twice in eight tries). When this happens I might examine if any of the winners coincidentally come from the IHSA National Championship hunter seat team.

At 2012 IHSA Nationals in Raleigh, North Carolina May 3rd through 6th seven different schools won at least one individual hunter seat blue ribbon, including one school which went on to win the hunter seat team competition. One school which was not a region champion produced two blue ribbon winners. Hollins University did not score well within Zone 4, Region 2 fall shows but then rallied in the spring to come within seven points of region champion Bridgewater College. Hollins riders excelled in the post-season, with all three of their Zone qualifiers advancing to Nationals where two managed to win outright.

St. Lawrence University had three riders in the individual classes. One of the three won while the Saints went on to win 2012 Nationals. Runner-up Skidmore College had four riders entered individually. One of them was also a blue ribbon winner.

To qualify individually for IHSA Nationals, a hunter seat rider must first qualify for Regionals. To do this a rider must earn 36 or more points in any one division save for the open divisions. If a rider below the open division does not earn 36 points over the course of a season that riders points carry over to the next season where hopefully he or she will go over that number early on. Riders in the open divisions must earn only 28 points in either open flat or open fences to qualify for Regionals. However each open riders' points are erased at the end of the season. Open riders must start over with no points to begin each season. If a rider qualifies for Regionals he or she must make the top two in their division to advance to Zones (this past season appears to mark the first time in IHSA history that all Zones limited their individual classes to two riders per region. In previous seasons there were some Zones which took the top three from each regions' Regional Show). At Zones there will usually be either eight or ten riders in each of the individual classes. The goal for each of these riders is to once again make the top two. The top two go on to IHSA Nationals, where the classes are made up of 16 riders each (the top two from each zone).

Catherine Hensly of Hollins University (on horse) won the individual walk-trot-canter class on May 3rd. Hollins was the only team to win more than one individual class, as Sarah Brown won individual intermediate over fences earlier in the day.

2012 IHSA Nationals took place at the James B. Hunt Horse Complex in Raleigh, North Carolina, the first time a National show had taken place in North Carolina since St. Andrews University hosted 1988 Nationals at their own facility (there were only 12 regions in the IHSA during the 1987-88 season, a far cry from the 36 - soon to be 37 - that comprise the organization today. At that time it was common for a school with a large facility and plenty of seating to host Nationals). Unlike the sites for the past three IHSA National shows the indoor at the Hunt Horse is not climate-controlled, though enormous fans bolted to the ceiling provide improved ventilation. Nevertheless the temperatures in the Raleigh area were unusually high for early May, with daytime highs reaching the upper '80's if not 90 degrees. Though the temperature was nice in the morning all three days turned fairly warm and uncomfortable. As luck would have it a thunderstorm came through just after all the hunter seat classes had been completed on the third day of Nationals, leaving very comfortable conditions for the western riders who competed beyond that time.

It was still very comfortable inside the arena when Aleece Christiansen of the College of Southern Idaho entered the ring for Individual Intermediate Over Fences at 8:38AM on the morning of May 3rd to kick off 2012 Nationals. As would be the case with each rider Judges R. Scot Evans and Chrystine Tauber would each come up with a score for an over fences round. The scores would be combined and averaged and that rider would receive the combined score. Kenn Marash, who has been the public address announcer at all but one IHSA Nationals event since 2006, would then announce the combined score. Christiansen received a score of '63' but it was not long before riders were in the 70's and 80's. After everyone had completed the course (including one re-ride) five riders had scored in the '80's, six in the '70's, four in the '60's and one below a 60. The $64,000.00 question at the end of every IHSA over fences class is "Will there be additional testing?" If multiple riders are tested then the placings for the tested riders can obviously change. If there is no further testing then the entire top ten is known, based on putting the scores in order from top to bottom. Marash announced that "there will be no further testing." Riders were invited back to the ring for the presentation of ribbons and awards.

As is the custom at IHSA National events the results are read aloud in reverse order, with the six riders who finished out of the top ten receiving honorable mention before being excused from the ribbon presentation. The first rider to receive a top ten ribbon at 2012 Nationals was Kayla Reeves of West Texas A & M University. A sophomore coincidentally from Canyon, Texas (where the school is located) Reeves received a combined judge's score of '71.' Molly Tassmer was the only University of Connecticut rider to qualify individually (though the Huskies also had a rider in the Cacchione Cup class). A sophomore from East Haddam, Connecticut Tassmer was ninth with a score of '73.' Kelly Purchase of Boston University was eighth with a score of '75.' It was the final undergraduate ride for the senior from Locust Valley, New York and the only ride for a Terrier rider at this year's Nationals. Morgan Parisek of Murray State University was seventh with a score of '77.' A sophomore from Elgin, Illinois, Parisek would have the longest 'break' of any rider at 2012 Nationals, for her second of two classes was the individual advanced western horsemanship division three days later. Taylor Rose of Bridgewater College was sixth with a score of '78.' The sophomore from Westminster, Maryland won both a team class and an individual class at Zone 4 Zones on April 7th. Fifth place went to Georgiana de Rham of Cornell University. From Bristol, Rhode Island de Rham was one of only two freshmen entered in the division. de Rham received a score of '80.' Brendan Weiss, who dominated Zone 3 Zones as Penn State won outright, was fourth. A sophomore from Southampton, Pennsylvania, Weiss received an '82.' Whitney Wickes of the University of Colorado at Boulder was third with a score of '83.' The senior from Aspen, Colorado would fair even better when she competed again later in the day. The Reserve Championship went to another freshman, Trevor Hawthorne of Centenary College. From Wilmington, Delaware, Hawthorne received a score of '84' in his IHSA Nationals debut. Apparently Evans and Tauber throught a two-point gap between first and second was sufficient enough to eliminate the need for further testing, as Sarah Brown of Hollins University was the champion with a score of '86.' A junior from Charlottesville, Virginia, Brown had finished second to Rose at Zone 4 Zones to be the only Hollins rider not to win outright on April 7th. Both Brown and Hawthorne rode Centenary horses, with Brown winning on "Sean" and Hawthorne reserve on "King." Brown's win was the first ever for a Hollins rider at Nationals in the individual intermediate over fences division. If a Hollins rider wins the individual walk-trot at a future IHSA Nationals event Hollins will have at least one win at Nationals in all eight individual classes.

The Chronicle of the Horse's Megan Brincks (on right) interviews Kathryn Haley of Centenary Colelge after she won individual open over fences. In two IHSA Nationals appearances Haley has won individual open flat and fences and team open flat.

The first three classes of 2012 Nationals were each an individual division. In fact all but one of the eight individual hunter seat classes would take place on Thursday, May 3rd (augmented by three hunter seat team classes). The second class of the day was the Individual Open Over Fences. Seven of the 16 riders entered were also scheduled to compete in the Cacchione Cup division (which is a multi-phased event to determine the top hunter seat open rider within the IHSA for the 2011-12 season). Though the Cacchione did not start until the next day it would be time in the seat and perhaps a confidence-builder for these seven riders. Surprisingly two of the best open riders had stops on the individual open course. Zone 5, Region 4 Cacchione rider Lauren Fay of Virginia Intermont College and Brown University sophomore Jacqueline Lubrano received scores of '40' and '41' respectively. However Fay would go on to place ninth in the Cacchione Cup while Lubrano would earn a first and a second in the team open classes to lift Brown into third place. Just as had been the case earlier there was no additional testing. Somewhat surprisingly only four riders scored in the '80's at the higher level. Tenth place went to Haley Aydam of Texas Tech. A sophomore from Austin, Texas, Aydam received a score of '72.' Cecilia Busick was the lone New York University entry at '12 Nationals. The sophomore from Simsbury, Connecticut was ninth with a score of '74.' Kaley Silipo would represent Zone 8, Region 5 in the Cacchione class starting Friday but today the University of Colorado at Boulder sophomore from Vail, Colorado was eighth with a score of '75.' Alexandra Kemp-Thompson of Seton Hill University would also compete for the Cacchione Cup. A junior from the capitol of Canada (Ottawa, Ontario), Kemp-Thompson was seventh with a score of '77.' It was the IHSA Nationals debut of Penn State's Lauren Powers. A freshman from Yardley, Pennsylvania, Powers received sixth place and a score of '78' but would eventually earn eighth place in the Cacchione class. It was the final IHSA undergraduate ride for Catherine McIntyre of Fairfield University. A senior from San Diego, California, McIntyre received a score of '79.' Casey Lorusso of Stonehill College was the first rider into the '80's at '80.' The junior from Wrentham, Massachusetts was the top ribbon-winner in individual open fences who also crossed over into the Cacchione Cup. Third place with a score of '81' went to Emma Lane Poole of Hollins University. The junior from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania won this class at Zone 4 Zones but would be the only one of three Hollins riders entered at Nationals not to win a blue ribbon. Meghan Shader of the University of Kentucky was three points higher for the Reserve Championship. A senior from Towson, Maryland, Shader rode "Sampson" (believed to be a Virginia Intermont College horse) to a score of '84.' The only rider remaining in the ring had dominated 2011 Nationals, playing a big part in Centenary College earning their second IHSA National Championship in three years. Kathryn Haley had been a force on the flat in Lexington but today the sophomore from Orchard Park, New York won an over fences class at Nationals for the first time. Clearing the jumps aboard "Midas" (a Hollins horse, which may explain why Poole was only third), Haley received a score of '85.' A small number of spectators were surprised that first and second were not tested, in that only one point separated the two. It was here that Evans and Tauber set a trend which indicated that testing was going to be a rarity over the next two days.

Individual Novice Over Fences was the third class of the morning. The novice jumpers were on their game, as 13 of the 16 trips resulted in judge's scores of '72' or higher. When the ribbons were announced tenth went to Nicole Ligon of West Chester University, the first of three Golden Ram riders including one alumni. A sophomore from Glenmoore, Pennsylvania, Ligon received a score of '75.' Ninth place went to Brendan Williams of Centenary College, who had finished one place ahead of Ligon at Zone 3 Zones on April 1st. The Cyclone sophomore from Stratford, Connecticut received a score of '77.' Shannon Roska of the University of Wisconsin at Madison would ride twice today, placing inside the top ten each time. The senior from Glendale, Wisconsin was eighth with a score of '78.' Kathleen Wallace was the University of Mary Washington's lone representative at '12 Nationals. A junior from Midlothian, Virginia, Wallace was seventh with a score of '79.' A whopping six riders were in the '80's, starting with University of San Diego freshman Mackenzie Gibbs. From Castro Valley, California the only freshman in the class and the only member of the Toreros at Nationals was sixth with a score of '81.' Justine Thomas of Stanford University had finished one place ahead of Gibbs at Zone 8 Zones in April and did so once again. The senior from Redwood City, California was fifth with a score of '81.5' (also the first 'decimal' number of '12 Nationals). Molly Coryer of St. Lawrence University received a score of '82' for fourth place. The junior from Ogdensburg, New York was thus the first member of the eventual National Champion Saints to earn a ribbon at '12 Nationals. Half of the top six were California residents. However though Jenna Parezo may be found training under Jim Haggeman in the greater Los Angeles area when school is not in session she can be found competing for Syracuse University in Zone 2, Region 2 when it is! A sophomore, Parezo was third with a score of '83.' Parezo was the only Syracuse rider at Nationals, just like Shelby Rogers was the only University of South Carolina rider at the year-end show. A senior from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Rogers closed out her IHSA undergraduate era with a second and a score of '84.' With a large number of people changing planes to connect into Raleigh it was not too surprising to find one parent from Upstate New York on a plane with a parent from Palatine, Illinois. This is what happened for the mothers of Coryer and Miami University of Ohio's Allison Drost. As luck would have it, Mrs. Coryer and Mrs. Drost would not only meet up by chance on an airplane but would find their daughters placing inside the top four in the same class at Nationals! A sophomore from - eh - Palatine, Illinois, Drost won the class for the Red Hawks with a judge's score of '85.' So far riders from three different Zones (4,3 and 6) and three different parts of the country had blue ribbons. Could it become even more diverse?

Seen here with her parents, Allison Drost of Miami University of Ohio won individual novice over fences. Drost finished four places ahead of Molly Coryer of St. Lawrence University (not pictured), who is mentioned her because by pure chance Allison's mother and Molly's mother flew into Raleigh on the same plane a day or two earlier.

Team novice over fences followed, suprisingly giving the University of Colorado at Boulder the early lead. After team novice fences there was a break to remove the jumps and drag the ring. By the time Individual Intermediate On The Flat started it was nearly 2:00 in the afternoon local time and things were in fact hot. As would be the case with each of the flat classes riders entered the ring at the walk, then were asked to trot, then walk again, then canter, then walk, reverse at the walk, trot, walk, canter, walk and then perform other requests of judges Evans and Tauber. At this stage of the show the elimination process did not require any of the 16 riders to exit the ring before others (by Friday six to ten riders would be excused at some point while those remaining would be asked to go through additional tests). At this point everyone in the stands could figure out all but the top two based on who was called into the middle and when. Marash would slowly tell riders at the canter to come into the middle one by one. Eventually Marash would have called out all but two numbers. The last two on the rail would be called in together. Riders were then told to dismount, the horse handlers came in and escorted the horses back to the holding area, and all 16 riders lined up near IHSA Founder and Executive Director Bob Cacchione and several other VIP's for the presentation of ribbons.

Tenth place in individual intermediate on the flat went to Lauren Taymor of the University of Southern California. A sophomore from San Rafeal, California, Taymor was the only Trojan undergraduate at '12 Nationals out of three to receive a top ten ribbon. Roska fell one place back to ninth in her second ride of the day. Jessica Browne was the second University of Kentucky individual rider to go top ten. The junior from Louisville, Kentucky was eighth for the Wildcats. Kelsey Shanley was the first of two Cazenovia College riders to place on May 3rd. The junior from Williamstown, Massachusetts was seventh. Stonehill had three riders in the individual divisions. The second of the two, Emily Dolan, was sixth. While this writer cannot recall if Marash started with eight or six riders when he began calling those on the rail at the canter into the middle one at a time, it is safe to say that the Sky Hawk junior from LaCrosse, Wisconsin was one of those still on the rail to be called in. Virginia Intermont College earned their first ribbon of the day as Danielle Clark was fifth. The sophomore from Florence, Alabama was the second of four Cobra riders to show individually. Sarah Jadwin of Ohio State University is apparently tough to beat on the flat in the post-season. Last year Jadwin was tenth at Nationals in individual novice on the flat. This season the sophomore coincidentally from Columbus, Ohio was fourth in the tougher intermediate flat division. Weiss moved up one place from a fourth to a third in his second of four rides over three days. Wickes coincidentally also moved up one place from third to Reserve Champion. This left St. Lawrence freshman Emily D'Alessandro in the ring by herself with Cacchione and all the VIP's. From Redding, Connecticut, D'Alessandro was one of only two Saints to win a class over the long weekend (Katherine Figueroa in team novice flat would be the other). However D'Alessandro and Coryer and Grace Seagrave (fourth in team novice fences between D'Alessandro and Coryer) established that St. Lawrence was going to deliver a strong ride every time out. Only once would a St. Lawrence rider miss out on a top five ribbon when entered.

Individual Novice On The Flat followed. Again riders were eventually pulled into the middle of the ring until only two remained. Then both were called to line up and within 15 minutes the results were heard over the public address system. Tenth place went to Anna Duble of Ohio University. A sophomore from Rochester, New York, Duble was riding for the second time on this day after having been out of the ribbons in novice fences. Sara Walker was the first of two Truman State University riders to compete on May 3rd. The senior from Desoto, Missouri was ninth in her final IHSA undergraduate ride. Natashia Klingenstein of Centenary College had won team intermediate over fences at 2011 Nationals and would win team intermediate on the flat later in the day today. However the senior from Torrance, California was eighth in this division. Kathryne Richard was the second of two Sweet Briar College riders to compete on the 3rd. From Portland, Oregon, Richard was the only one of three freshmen in the division to make the top ten, placing seventh. Kristen Phelps of the University of New Hampshire had been out of the ribbons two classes earlier. However the senior from Hookset, New Hampshire was sixth in her final IHSA undergraduate ride. St. Lawrence University junior Casey Zuraitis was fifth. From Sutton, Massachusetts, Zuraitis would benefit from time in the seat by placing second in team intermediate on the flat at the end of the day. The second-ever University of California at Santa Cruz rider to compete at IHSA Nationals was fourth. In fact Megan Forgie of the Banana Slugs (a real nickname; the school even had a vote on it!) is their first rider ever into the top ten. Last season teammate Martha Gustavson was out of the ribbons in individual intermediate over fences. Gustavson was in attendance as Forgie (a senior from Malibu, California) earned the white ribbon. Abby Parke of Virginia Intermont was yet another senior showing as an undergrad for the final time. From Salisbury, Maryland, Parke was third. Chrissie Kausrud was the first of two University of Findlay riders to compete individually in hunter seat. A junior from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Kausrud earned Reserve Champion honors. Berry College was the 2011 western National Champion, and unsurprisingly the Vikings had a full western team entered. However only one Berry hunter seat rider survived Zone 5 Zones. Kristin Brennan, who was second to Parke on March 31st, defeated the entire field at Nationals. A sophomore from Ocala, Florida, Brennan was the only Berry rider - english or western - to win a class at 2012 IHSA Nationals.

Kristin Brennan (on right, with Head Coach Margaret Knight) was the only Berry College hunter seat rider to qualify for 2012 Nationals. That one-to-one coach-to-rider ratio paid dividends as Brennan won the individual novice flat.

The third-to-last class of the day was Individual Walk-Trot-Canter. Aliy Abbenhaus of Truman State, whose photographs of several of her Bulldog teammates have been posted on this site, was not quite as fortunate as teammate Walker. The sophomore from St. Louis, Missouri started the top ten at tenth place. Last season Alex Calvert of Xavier University of Ohio was tenth in individual walk-trot-canter. This season the second-ever Musketteer to reach Nationals was ninth, so next season eight place is all but theirs! Stephanie Manhart, a sophomore from Cincinnati, Ohio was ninth for Xavier. Lauren O'Neil was the third and final Virginia Tech rider to compete at '12 Nationals. The senior from Linthicum Heights, Maryland was eighth, getting the Hokies into the top ten at least once. Blake Shessel was the University of Georgia's lone representative at '12 Nationals. A sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia, Shessel was seventh for a different set of Bulldogs. Olivia Prince of Colgate University was sixth. A sophomore, Prince was the second rider of the day from the town of Austin, Texas to go top ten. For the only time on May 3rd a team had two riders in the same class. Kate McAndrew was the first of two Penn State University (State College) riders to hear name called. A freshman from Clark's Summit, Pennsylvania, McAndrew was fifth. Miami of Ohio Riders continued to go high up the charts. Krysten Kasting, a sophomore from Copley, Ohio, was fourth for the Red Hawks. Kasting wound up in a Penn State 'sandwich' as Haleigh Boswell of the Nittany Lions was third. A junior from Woodstock, New York, Boswell was second to McAndrew at Zone 3 Zones on April 1st. Cazenovia's final rider of the day was senior Cailey Underhill. From Louisville, Colorado, Underhill had won the division at Zone 2 Zones on April 7th and received the Reserve Championship ribbon on this day. Though she was second at Regionals Catherine Hensly made it two in a row on May 3rd. The Hollins sophomore from Virginia Beach, Virginia won just as she did at Zone 4 Zones. The team with no school nickname or mascot from Hollins, Virginia finished the day with two firsts and a third, not far off their pace of two firsts and a second on April 7th.

Eventually all eyes were on the presentation area and all ears were on Marash as the results of individual open flat were announced. Tenth place went to Whitney Mahloch of St. Mary of the Woods College. A senior from Plymouth, Wisconsin, Mahloch was one of eight riders in the division who would partake in the Cacchione Cup over fences phase a day later. Kayla Prefontaine ended her undergraduate era with a ninth. A senior from Newport, Rhode Island, Prefontaine was at one time a member of the Johnson & Wales Equestrian Team but transfered to the University of Rhode Island for her final two seasons. Lubrano of Brown had edged out Prefontaine at both Zone 1, Region 1 Regionals and Zone 1 Zones. Once again the sophomore from Glenmoore, Pennsylvania was one ribbon higher, at eighth. Katie Hansen of St. Andrews University was seventh. A junior from Toledo, Ohio, Hansen would ride several more times at Nationals but her individual open flat effort still yielded the best ribbon. Jessica Katz of Delaware Valley College was sixth. A sophomore from West Hartford, Connecticut, Katz was the only Aggie entered individually at '12 Nationals, though teammate Ciara Menkens competed for the Cacchione a day later. It was hardly the final ride for Skidmore College senior Kelly Campbell. The Cohoes, New York product would ride many times in the different Cacchione phases and would also show in team open flat. Campbell's fifth in individual open flat would be the lowest of the three ribbons she would leave Raleigh with (the best would be reserve champion in the Cacchione Cup). K.T. Steward was the second of two Findlay riders to show on the 3rd. A senior from Boca Raton, Florida, Steward placed fourth but would be back for the Cacchione a day later. Haley came close to winning twice in one day but was third. One year earlier Haley won the division, so she was the only rider to go top ten in individual open flat two seasons in a row. Washington & Lee University senior Tamara Morse is probably thinking she will be known as the rider who was fourth at both 2011 and 2012 IHSA Nationals in the Cacchione Cup Class without ever reaching the work-off phase. Twice the cut-off or call-back for the work-off phase was limited to only the top three, with Morse coincidentally fourth both seasons. However on May 3rd Morse was Reserve Champion in individual open flat. The individual open flat championship went to Tara Donohue of Stony Brook University. The only undergraduate Seawolf to reach '12 Nationals, Donohue was one of the few individual winners who could claim to have placed first at Regionals, Zones and Nationals. The junior from Centerport, New York can claim to have competed for two different Region Champions. In 2009-10 Donohue competed for St. Joseph's College of Patchogue, New York, which sent a full team to Zones that season. This season was her first for Stony Brook, which captured their first region title since the 2003-04 season. Donohue also became the first Stony Brook rider since Myrna Treuting took over the head coaching duties from the legendary George Lukemire in 2006 to win a class at IHSA Nationals.

Basic riding info for those who have never been on a horse: Keep all your weight in your heels, just like Tara Donohue of Stony Brook University is doing here. Donohue won the individual open on the flat, becoming the fourth-ever Stony Brook rider to win the division at Nationals and the first since Myrna Treuting (second on right) became head coach.

It was not until well into the afternoon on Friday, May 4th that the final individual undergraduate hunter seat class took place. Individual Walk-Trot was the ninth class of the day (out of 12) and the only individual class to feature two riders from the same team not once but twice! Both Ohio University (with Lauren Dorenkott and Alyssa Bower) and Skidmore College (with Erika Wohl and Kayla Kleinman) could claim the top two placings at their respective Zones shows in walk-trot. The class was similar to all the others, save for the fact that no one was required to canter at any time.

As is often the case this is one of the faster classes at Nationals. It took less than 35 minutes from the time the first rider entered the ring until all of the placings were announced. After Marash thanked each of the six riders who were honorable mentions, tenth place was awarded to Jessica Madden of Georgia Southern University. Madden was very specific that she is from the borough of Queens, New York, which made her the only individual hunter seat rider at '12 Nationals from any of the five boroughs of New York City. Katie Beard of West Chester University was ninth. The Golden Rams junior from Lancaster, Pennsylvania finished one place higher than teammate Ligon (however former teammate Emily Rosen would place eighth in alumni flat the next day). Kerri Sheridan was the only State University of New York at New Paltz undergraduate to compete at '12 Nationals. The senior from Woodburne, New York finished her IHSA undergraduate era with an eighth. Dorenkott (sophomore, from Westlake, Ohio) was the first of two Bobcats to hear her name called. It had been several seasons since Vanderbilt had an undergraduate rider entered. Maryphyllis Crean of the Commodores, who won the division at Zone 5 Zone on March 31st, was sixth. Though Zone 1 is often thought of as one of the stronger Zones the schools in most of New England were only into the top five twice in the individual classes. The second of the two was Simon Inn of Johnson & Wales University. A sophomore from Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey, Inn was fifth for the Wildcats. Lindsey McNeill of West Texas A & M University would have the honor of wearing number 328 in both the english and western classes (though for western the horse actually wears the rider's number on the saddle). A sophomore from Houston, Texas, McNeill was fourth and would place ninth two days later in individual beginner western. Bower was the second of two Bobcats to hear her name called. A sophomore from Parma, Ohio, Bower's third gave her the best ribbon for any Ohio University rider at '12 Nationals across four rides. Allyson Gallamore bested teammate Rose for the top Bridgewater College ribbon. A senior from King George, Virginia, Gallamore was Reserve Champion in her final IHSA undergraduate ride. The only rider who remained was the final hunter seat undergraduate individual champion of 2012. A sophomore from Boston, Massachusetts, Kayla Kleinman prevailed for the Thoroughbreds. Considering the long-term success of the Skidmore program it is suprising that Kleinman is the first Thoroughbred to win the individual walk-trot at Nationals. With Kleinman first Skidmore Head Coach Cindy Ford has seen her riders win at least once in every undergraduate individual hunter seat class at Nationals except individual intermediate flat at least once in her 21 seasons as head coach.

With the individual walk-trot out of the way the show continued on as it always does. There wasn't much else to say about the individual hunter seat classes. If you could not get to the show this was the first year the IHSA used their web site for live streaming over the internet so that anyone with a computer or hand-held device could watch the competition. Some even watched parts of Nationals in their hotel rooms when not exploring Raleigh or competing at the arena itself.

--Steve Maxwell

The following is a list of the Individual hunter seat Class-by-Class Results from 2012 IHSA Nationals, held at the Governor James B. Hunt Horse Complex in Raleigh, North Carolina. The first seven classes listed were held Thursday, May 3rd while the final class was held on Friday, May 4th. The Judges for all hunter seat classes were R. Scot Evans and Crystine Tauber.

Individual Intermediate Equitation Over Fences: 1. Sarah Brown, Hollins University. 2. Trevor Hawthorne, Centenary College. 3. Whitney Wickes, University of Colorado at Boulder. 4. Brendan Weiss, Penn State University (State College). 5. Georgiana de Rham, Cornell University. 6. Taylor Rose, Bridgewater College. 7. Morgan Parisek, Murray State University. 8. Kelly Purchase, Boston University. 9. Molly Tassmer, University of Connecticut. 10. Kayla Reeves, West Texas A & M University.

Individual Open Equitation Over Fences: 1. Kathryn Haley, Centenary College. 2. Meghan Shader, University of Kentucky. 3. Emma Lane Poole, Hollins University. 4. Casey Lorusso, Stonehill College. 5. Catherine McIntyre, Fairfield University. 6. Lauren Powers, Penn State University (State College). 7. Alexandra Kemp - Thompson, Seton Hill University. 8. Kaley Silipo, University of Colorado at Boulder. 9. Cecilia Busick, New York University. 10. Haley Aydam, Texas Tech University.

Individual Novice Equitation Over Fences: 1. Allison Drost, Miami University of Ohio. 2. Shelby Rogers, University of South Carolina. 3. Jenna Parezo, Syracuse University. 4. Molly Coryer, St. Lawrence University. 5. Justine Thomas, Stanford University. 6. Mackenzie Gibbs, University of San Diego. 7. Kathleen Wallace, University of Mary Washington. 8. Shannon Roska, University of Wisconsin at Madison. 9. Brendan Williams, Centenary College. 10. Nicole Ligon, West Chester University.

Every hunter seat rider who won a class received a Collegiate Saddle, such as the one Emily D'Alessandro is holding. Representing St. Lawrence University, D'Allessandro was the only freshman to win an individual class at 2012 Nationals, emerging the winner in individual intermediate flat.

Individual Intermediate Equitation On The Flat: 1. Emily D'Alessandro, St. Lawrence University. 2. Whitney Wickes, University of Colorado at Boulder. 3. Brendan Weiss, Penn State University (State College). 4. Sarah Jadwin, Ohio State University. 5. Danielle Clark, Virginia Intermont College. 6. Emily Dolan, Stonehill College. 7. Kelsey Shanley, Cazenovia College. 8. Jessica Browne, University of Kentucky. 9. Shannon Roska, University of Wisconsin at Madison. 10. Lauren Taymor, University of Southern California.

Individual Novice Equitation On The Flat: 1. Kristin Brennan, Berry College. 2. Chrissy Kausrud, University of Findlay. 3. Abby Parke, Virginia Intermont College. 4. Megan Forgie, University of California at Santa Cruz. 5. Casey Zuraitis, St. Lawrence University. 6. Kristen Phelps, University of New Hampshire. 7. Kathryne Richard, Sweet Briar College. 8. Natasha Klingenstein, Centenary College. 9. Sara Walker, Truman State University. 10. Anna Duble, Ohio University.

Individual Walk-Trot-Canter Equitation On The Flat: 1. Catherine Hensly, Hollins University. 2. Cailey Underhill, Cazenovia College. 3. Haleigh Boswell, Penn State University (State College). 4. Krysten Kasting, Miami University of Ohio. 5. Kate McAndrew, Penn State University (State College). 6. Olivia Prince, Colgate University. 7. Blake Shessel, University of Georgia. 8. Lauren O'Neil, Virginia Tech. 9. Stephanie Manhart, Xavier University of Ohio. 10. Aliy Abbenhaus, Truman State University.

Individual Open Equitation On The Flat: 1. Tara Donohue, Stony Brook University. 2. Tamara Morse, Washington & Lee University. 3. Kathryn Haley, Centenary College. 4. K.T. Steward, University of Findlay. 5. Kelly Campbell, Skidmore College. 6. Jessica Katz, Delaware Valley College. 7. Katie Hansen, St. Andrews University. 8. Jacqueline Lubrano, Brown University. 9. Kayla Prefontaine, University of Rhode Island. 10. Whitney Mahloch, St. Mary of the Woods College.

Individual Walk-Trot Equitation On The Flat: 1. Kayla Kleinman, Skidmore College. 2. Allyson Gallamore, Bridgewater College. 3. Alyssa Bower, Ohio University. 4. Lindsey McNeill, West Texas A & M University. 5. Simon Inn, Johnson & Wales University. 6. Maryphyllis Crean, Vanderbilt University. 7. Lauren Dorenkott, Ohio University. 8. Kerri Sheridan, State University of New York at New Paltz. 9. Katie Beard, West Chester University. 10. Jessica Madden, Georgia Southern University.


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