High school junior Lindsey Bailey (on left) of Hopkins Academy/Biscuit Hill poses with Coach Susan Duncan after winning the team varsity open on the flat class at IEA Nationals on May 1st. Hopkins/Biscuit Hill won two of the final three Upper School team classes and claimed their first-ever IEA National Championship.


Upper Marlboro, MD - The final show of the 2010-11 IEA season saw a hybrid school/barn team win their first upper school hunt seat championship, an established private school in the Boston area win the hunt seat middle school championship while one western facility came very close to producing both western championships.

Hopkins Academy, a school in Western Massachusetts, trains at Biscuit Hill Farm in Shelburne, Massachusetts. Roughly half the team is from Hopkins Academy while the rest are students at Biscuit Hill (Their team jackets say "Hopkins Academy/Biscuit Hill IEA Team"). Listed in the program sold at IEA Nationals simply as "Hopkins" on the pages where results were written in, Hopkins earned 14 of their 20 points over the final three upper school team classes to earn their first IEA National Championship of any kind. Stone Bridge Farm, located in Virginia, Folly Farm, located in New England, and a third program, Sylvan, had been tied for first a point ahead of Hopkins going into the final team class. Lindsey Bailey of Hopkins proceeded to win the open flat class while Carly Williams of Stone Bridge was second to make the final margin 20-19.

Moments earlier the Dana Hall School had clinched the Middle School hunt seat Championship. Dana Hall riders produced 11 points over the final two team classes to win over Cranberry 20-13. Both Dana Hall and Cranberry earned points in four of the five middle school divisions. The IEA grew by 30 Percent since 2010 Nationals, with Cranberry having made their debut on Halloween to serve as an example of the organization's rapid growth.

The Autumn Rose Farm teams nearly captured both Western Team Championships. However the Grier School (located in Western Pennsylvania) rallied to win the Western Upper School Championship with a second in the final division. Though Autumn Rose (located in Powell, Ohio) had three blue ribbons in six divisions Grier was the only upper school western team to earn points in all six divisions. Though Grier did not win a class they were red ribbon winners three times while placing third in two other divisions.

Autumn Rose had to hang on to defeated the Hammond School of Columbia, South Carolina. Thanks to a sixth for Autumn Rose in the final middle school division, the team known to some as "ARF" scored one more point. Otherwise Autumn Rose and Hammond both could claim two firsts and a second. The final Hammond rider of the day won, which shaved the margin to 20-19 just like the hunt seat upper school score.

(Campus Equestrian will expand this story to include additional information later in the month of May - Editor).

The Class-by-Class Results from 2011 IEA Nationals, held in the Show Place Arena at the Prince George's Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, listed in the order in which they were held (Editor's note: Most IEA teams actually go by a longer name than listed here. An example would be Hopkins Academy/Biscuit Hill Farm being listed simply as "Hopkins." However we at Campus Equestrian have remained true to the IEA Nationals program for the most part, as the program itself identified most teams by a one-word title).

Thursday, April 28th, 2011:

Individual Varsity Open on the Flat: 1. Heather Ercolano, Good Shepard. 2. Ariana Mato, Blue Water. 3. McKenzie Canard, Foxcroft. 4. Joey Fink, Greenway. 5. Jordan Davis, Seven J's. 6. Hannah Bedwell, Stonegate. 7. Carly Corbacho, Dana Hall. 8. Eliza Hay, Storybook.

Individual Varsity Intermediate on the Flat: 1. Chelsea Brady, Northwoods. 2. Sarah Lebsock, Dare. 3. Elizabeth Drake, Stoneybrook. 4. Carly Cantrell, Rivendell. 5. Caroline Purcell, Linden Hall. 6. Sara Parks, Cookeville. 7. Lauren Thompson, Evermore Farm. 8. Karen Osborn, Emerald City.

Individual Future Intermediate on the Flat. 1. Ashley Murray, Double H. 2. Kelsey Fenger, Stanford. 3. Areil Leshem, Avon Valley. 4. Samantha Swan, Metropolitan. 5. Skyllar Beckel, Willow Way. 6. Charlotte Warren, Westminster. 7. Emilee Smigel, Wall Street. 8. Rachel Paxton, Stone Bridge.

Individual Junior Varsity Novice on the flat: 1. Sophie James, Concord. 2. Taylor Aguilar, Wall Street. 3. Chloe Howes, Concord. 4. Grace Camut, Oldfields. 5. Erika Witt, San Domenico. 6. Taylor Dailey, Mercy. 7. Alice Droeger, Fountain Valley. 8. Alexis Volchko, Western PA.

Individual Future Novice on the Flat: 1.Natalie Benson, Team Holly. 2. Lexi Spain, High Standards. 3. Sarah Maher, Smoke Tree. 4. Gabi Sorrentino, Garrison. 5. Brittni Hodge, Longview. 6. Gabrielle Bernier, Greenway. 7. Jenna George, Millpond. 8. Sinclaire Parer, San Domenico.

Individual Junior Varsity Beginner on the Flat: 1. Danielle Kay, Stanford. 2. Danielle Metz, West Forsyth. 3. Cherise Mischler, Cavallo Creek. 4. Kayla Russell, Concord. 5. Matt Barrackman, Fountain Valley. 6. Tessa James, Concord. 7. Sara Benedetti, Phoenix Rising. 8. Lilly Shai, West Lickin.

Individual Future Beginner on the Flat: 1. Houstyn Honeycutt, Beckett Run. 2. Rebecca Ragan, Wall Street. 3. Mattie Harden, Birmingham. 4. Judith Ross-Maish, Sylvan. 5. Ashley Woodward, Stone Bridge. 6. Madelaine Usey, Westminster. 7. Kayla Loy, Evermore Farm. 8. Julia Boral, August Farm.

2011 IEA Nationals were memorable for Abigail Wegert of Stone Bridge Farm (on left). Seen here with Coach Becky Andrews, Wegert was third in team junior varsity novice on the flat, second in individual junior varsity novice over fences cross-rails and first in team junior varsity novice over fences cross-rails. Wegert scored 11 of Reserve Upper School champ Stone Bridge's 19 points.

Friday, April 29th, 2011:

Individual Varsity Open Over Fences 2'6": 1. Haley White, Team Holly. 2. Samantha Goldstein, Stanford. 3. Maryann Osborne, Andrews. 4. Irene Peluso, Folly Farm. 5. Leila Waits, Lovett. 6. Mackenzie Gerdes, Childress Rodgers. 7. Joey Fink, Greenway. 8. Chloe Horton, Garrison.

Team Varsity Open Over Fences 2'6": 1. Irene Peluso, Folly Farm. 2. Sierra Wilson, Sylvan. 3. Meaghan Hynes, York. 4. Jessica Fahey, West Forsyth. 5. Bailey Manning, Hopkins. 6. A. Bailey Blough, Mercy. 7. Kierstyn Duggleby, TAPS. 8. Avery Hellman, Thacher.

Individual Varsity Intermediate Over Fences 2': 1. Stephanie Moscove, Folly Farm. 2. Annie Walters, Storybook. 3. Dallas Thayer, Thacher. 4. Sarah Rodes, Stone Bridge. 5. Katherine McCabe, West Licking. 6. Jessica Buxton, Lewis-Palmer. 7. Kimo Kimura, Lanier. 8. Makenzie Dey, Rivers Edge.

Team Varsity Intermediate Over Fences 2': 1. Stephanie Moscove, Folly Farm. 2. Lauren Henry, Herritage. 3. Katie Kirwin, York. 4. Shannon Ames, TAPS. 5. Julia Stimpfl, Sylvan. 6. Hannah Echols, Morgan. 7. Dallas Thayer, Thacher. 8. Kai Smith, Beckett Run.

Individual Future Intermediate Over Fences 2': 1. Indra Rapinchuk-Souccar, Heritage. 2. Claire Buxton, Lewis-Palmer. 3. Victoria Lawler, Stoney Ridge. 4. Jackie Watts, Garrison. 5. Emilee Smigel, Wall Street. 6. Abagail Petrecca, Limerick Lane. 7. Sophia Johnson, Maplewood. 8. Sophia Harlam, Phoenix Rising.

Team Future Intermediate Over Fences 2': 1. Madeline Davis, Beckett Run. 2. Lauren Nashawaty, Dana Hall. 3. Corrin Stellakis, TAPS. 4. Sophie Carlin, Willow Way. 5. Savanna Hajdasz, Windcrest. 6. Emilee Smigel, Wall Street. 7. Briana Kupic, Cranberry. 8. Francesca Rodman, Greenway.

Individual Junior Varsity Novice Over Fences Cross-Rails: 1. Briley Branden, Southeastern Connecticut. 2. Abigail Wegert, Stone Bridge. 3. Natalie Thorpe, Storybook. 4. Dunya Akhund, Metropolitan. 5. Taylor Cheeseman, West Licking. 6. Elana Fazio, Hillside Meadows. 7. Catherine Merrill, Oak Hill. 8. Annie Fang, Volo.

Team Junior Varsity Novice Over Fences Cross-Rails: 1. Abigail Wegert, Stone Bridge. 2. Alex Radley, Falcon Ridge. 3. Mackenzie Grow, TAPS. 4. Gabby Steinhardt, Garrison. 5. Anna Hall, Lake Effect. 6. Olivia Sehlhorst, Beckett Run. 7. Pia Holtmeier, Fountain Valley. 8. Sarah Nicoletti, Seven J's.

Individual Future Novice Over Fences Cross-Rails: 1. Annie Dunlap, Willow Way. 2. Gabrielle Conard, Willow Way. 3. Lindsay Cobb, San Domenico. 4. Ellen Hyndman, Cavallo Creek. 5. Sarah Maher, Smoke Tree. 6. Katheleen Harrigan, Penrose. 7. Nadia Rosenbaum, Storybook. 8. Danyele-Rose Kolodziejski, Rivendell.

Team Future Novice Over Fences Cross-Rails: 1. Amelia Sorrels, Birmingham. 2. Haley Taft, Dana Hall. 3. Reilly Bonis, Wall Street. 4. Alexis Kupic, Cranberry. 5. Liza Thompson, Ashley Hall. 6. Madison Maneri, Windcrest. 7. Kendra Duggleby, TAPS. 8. Gabrielle Conard, Willow Way.

Equine Journal Varsity Open Championship: 1. Ariana Mato, Blue Water. 2. Irene Peluso, Folly Farm. 3. Joey Fink, Greenway. 4. Haley White, Team Holly. 5. McKenzie Canard, Foxcroft. 6. Leila Watts, Lovett. 7. Jorden Davis, Seven J's. 8. Maryann Osborne, Andrews. 9. Mackenzie Gerdes, Childress Rodgers. 10. Samantha Goldstein, Stanford.

Saturday, April 30th, 2011:

National Reining Horse Association Individual Varsity Open Reining: 1. Cody McMillion, Hammond. 2. Megan Foley, Autumn Rose. 3. Ciara Bartholomew, Autumn Rose. 4. Jessica Cornwell, Autumn Rose. 5. Kaci Jo O'Rourke, Pond Hill. 6. Austin Jewell, Brookwood. 7. Travis Harvey, Alfred. 8. Kayleigh McDonnell, Pond Hill.

Individual Varsity Intermediate Horsemanship: 1. Emily Manos, Double Deuce. 2. Kara Guertin, Pinewood. 3. Brittany Woodard, Dare. 4. Maddy McDevitt, Last Lap. 5. Emily Allan, Caustelot Farms. 6. Brandy Napier, Bay Hill. 7. Alyssa Quinn, Mountain Dell. 8. Shannon Halnon, Pond Hill.

National Reining Horse Association Individual Future Intermediate Reining: 1. Kaylee Adamek, Autumn Rose. 2. Benjamin Beckett, Dare. 3. Haleigh Hurd, Alfred. 4. Madison Thiel, Dare Equestrian. 5. Ivey Noojin, Hammond. 6. Erica Hathaway, Pond Hill. 7. Emma Quinn, Forsyth Central. 8. Jeff Gantt, Last Lap.

Individual Junior Varsity Novice Horsemanship: 1. Ashton Clark, Autumn Rose. 2. Lauren Kiningham, Last Lap. 3. Jordan Myers, Grier. 4. Jessica DePaso, Autumn Rose. 5. Allie Begg, Hancock Horsemen. 6. Mary Palmer Richards, Hammond. 7. Abby Connell, Dare. 8. Morgan Masaitis, Massachusetts North Central.

National Reining Horse Association Individual Varsity Intermediate Reining: 1. Tristen Rowland, Autumn Rose. 2. Kara Guertin, Pinewood. 3. Kacey Bolin, Dare. 4. Alexa Buckheit, Alfred. 5. Brandy Napier, Bay Hill Farm. 6. Britney Fields, Last Lap. 7. Gregory Bock, Alfred. 8. Natalie Montini, Mountain Dell.

Individual Junior Varsity Beginner Horsemanship: 1. Jordan Schumacher, Autumn Rose. 2. Kate Buckley, Brookwood. 3. Megan Ashbrook, Dare. 4. Colleen Bendig, Autumn Rose. 5. Aurora Pim, Sid Griffith. 6. Samantha Benevides, Brookwood. 7. Freya Browne, Caustelot. 8. Benjamin Buckland, Massachusetts North Central.

Individual Future Novice Horsemanship: 1. Eddie Clark, Dare. 2. Sara Stuart, Hammond. 3. Seth Watkins, Hammond. 4. Audrey DiMatteo, Alfred. 5. Taylor Roeder, Hancock. 6. Karey Ulstad, Autumn Rose. 7. Alysha Hardy, Massachusetts North Central. 8. Kayla DeMuth, Hancock.

Individual Varsity Open Horsemanship: 1. Taylor Overmier, Hancock. 2. Stephanie Kemp, Grier. 3. Carly Bedinghaus, Dare. 4. Erika Rodenski, Caustelot. 5. Kayleigh McDonnell, Pond Hill. 6. Cody McMillion, Hammond. 7. Jasmine Fowler, Mountain Dell. 8. Erica Wiley, Autumn Rose.

Individual Future Beginner Horsemanship: 1. Claire Darnell, Hammond. 2. Lauren Wheeler, Little River. 3. Amelia Stone, Brookwood. 4. Lexi Rehm, Dare. 5. Ashton Traverse, Pond Hill. 6. MacKenzie Stevens, Hancock. 7. Elena Hurd, Alfred. 8. Sarah Roseberry, Autumn Rose.

Individual Future Intermediate Horsemanship: 1. Benjamin Beckett, Dare. 2. Jordan Medsker, Autumn Rose. 3. Kaylee Adamek, Autumn Rose. 4. Ivey Noojin, Hammond. 5. Jana Jacobson, Grier. 6. Jeff Gantt, Last Lap. 7. Erica Hathaway, Pond Hill. 8. Jennifer Szafir, Heritage Farm.

Seventh grader Claire Darnell (on right) was one of two Hammond middle school riders to win a team class at IEA Nationals. Hammond Coach Joy McMillion (on left) saw Hammond come up one point shy of high point behind Autumn Rose Farm despite Darnell's fine ride in team future beginner horsemanship.

Sunday, May 1st, 2011:

Team Junior Varsity Beginner on the Flat: 1. Matt Barrackman, Fountain Valley. 2. Jena Sepere, Mercy. 3. Monica Czerwinski, Hopkins. 4. Elizabeth Mohler, Garrison. 5. Makayla Clegg, Morgan. 6. Danielle Metz, West Forsyth. 7. Stephanie Consoli, Seven J's. 8. Raquel Reisinger, Thacher.

Team Future Beginner on the Flat: 1. Caitlin Doocy, Windcrest. 2. Mattie Harden, Birmingham. 3. Ellie Cox, San Domenico. 4. Kayla Loy, Evermore Farm. 5. Allison Tappen, Cranberry. 6. Elisabeth Schmidt Obrecht, Greenway. 7. Emma Fireman, Willow Way. 8. Lauren Slaven, Smoke Tree.

Team Junior Varsity Novice on the Flat: 1. Pearl Farley, Hopkins. 2. Jo Phippin, Garrison. 3. Abigail Wegert, Stone Bridge. 4. Meghan Crawford, Bookmark. 5. Sarah Merritt, Evermore Farm. 6. Samantha Lane, West Forsyth. 7. Maggie Whitney, Folly Farm. 8. Molly Shoer, York.

Team Future Novice on the Flat: 1. Haley Taft, Dana Hall. 2. Elie MacLeod, Pickwick/Clayhill. 3. Jenna George, Millpond. 4. Alexis Kupic, Cranberry. 5. Justice Ramsey, Beckett Run. 6. Sinclaire Parer, San Domenico. 7. Sarah Maher, Smoke Tree. 8. Erin Newell, Lewis-Parker.

Team Varsity Intermediate on the Flat: 1. Whitney Bullion, Sylvan. 2. Lauren Thompson, Evermore Farm. 3. Kristen Jacobson, Fountain Valley. 4. MacKenzie Parks, Stone Bridge. 5. Lauren Henry, Heritage. 6. Katie Kirwin, York. 7. Shannon Ames, TAPS. 8. Mallory Hudak, Hopkins.

Team Future Intermediate on the flat: 1. Ashley Murray, Double H. 2. Danielle Baretto, Cranberry. 3. Gabrielle Baker, Smoke Tree. 4. Emily Selland, Dana Hall. 5. Camila Conesa, Wall Street. 6. Anna Merriman, Willow Way. 7. Jacey Chorlton, Windcrest. 8. Mary Constantine, Greenway.

Team Varsity Open on the Flat: 1. Lindsey Bailey, Hopkins. 2. Carly Williams, Stone Bridge. 3. Samantha Van Winter, Heritage. 4. Kayla Akers, Beckett Run. 5. Meaghan Hynes, York. 6. Caroline Schock, Falcon Ridge. 7. Kendall Axley, Morgan County. 8. Sierra Wilson, Sylvan.

National Reining Horse Association Team Varsity Open Reining: 1. Carly Bendinghaus, Dare. 2. Stephanie Kemp, Grier. 3. Brandy Smith, Hancock. 4. Abbi Rutherford, Last Lap. 5. Travis Harvey, Alfred. 6. Connor Johnson, Forsyth Central. 7. Jessica Cornwell, Autumn Rose. 8. Jordan Ferguson, Bay Hill.

Team Varsity Intermediate Horsemanship: 1. Savannah Vawter, Autumn Rose. 2. Laura Briehl, Grier. 3. Maddy McDevitt, Last Lap. 4. Brittany Woodward, Dare. 5. Lina Anderson, Forsyth Central. 6. Maddie Bruce, Hancock. 7. Brandy Napier, Bay Hill. 8. Alyssa Quinn, Mountain Dell.

National Reining Horse Association Team Future Intermediate Reining: 1. Caroline Gute, Autumn Rose. 2. Ivey Noojin, Hammond. 3. Jeff Gantt, Last Lap. 4. Benjamin Beckett, Dare. 5. Lexi Brooks, Pond Hill. 6. Kacey Eaton, Trademark. 7. Grace Ingle, Hancock. 8. Mackenzie Raucher, Heritage.

Team Junior Varsity Novice Horsemanship: 1. Rachel Ninke, Autumn Rose. 2. Lauren Kiningham, Last Lap. 3. Mackenzie Ocock, Dare. 4. Amanda Hurd, Alfred. 5. Jordan Myers, Grier. 6. Shannon Collins, Bay Hill. 7. Lauren Hooks, Mountain Dell. 8. Allie Begg, Hancock.

National Reining Horse Association Team Varsity Intermediate Reining: 1. Tristen Rowland, Autumn Rose. 2. Laney Hixsono, King Show. 3. Laura Briehl, Grier. 4. Alexa Buckheit, Alfred. 5. Britney Fields, Last Lap. 6. Natalie Montini, Mountain Dell. 7. Kacey Bolin, Dare. 8. Lina Anderson, Forsyth Central.

Team Junior Varsity Beginner Horsemanship: 1. Alexandra Lenz, Forsyth Central. 2. Hinako Miyazaki, Bay Hill. 3. Kayla Tangeman, Grier. 4. Brittany Jenkins, Alfred. 5. Colleen Bendig, Autumn Rose. 6. Megan Ashbrook, Dare. 7. Laura Otey, Last Lap. 8. Elizabeth Shuford, King Show.

Team Future Novice Horsemanship: 1. Karey Ulstad, Autumn Rose. 2. Eddie Clark, Dare. 3. Claire Alexandra, Forsyth Central. 4. Tara Roeder, Hancock. 5. Madison Brannon, Trademark. 6. Tyler Terry, Mountain Dell. 7. Seth Watkins, Hammond. 8. Hannah Brizzee, Alfred.

Team Varsity Open Horsemanship: 1. Brandy Smith, Hancock. 2. Stephanie Kemp. 3. Carly Bedinghaus, Dare. 4. Lauren Richards, Forsyth Central. 5, Abbi Rutherford, Last Lap. 6. Ciara Bartholomew, Autumn Rose. 7. Travis Harvey, Alfred. 8. Jasmine Fowler, Mountain Dell.

Team Future Beginner Horsemanship: 1. Claire Darnell, Hammond. 2. Sarah Roseberry, Autumn Rose. 3. MacKenzie Stevens, Hancock. 4. Sarah Laughlin, Forsyth Central. 5. Elena Hurd, Alfred. 6. Lexi Rehm, Dare. 7. Ashton Traverse, Pond Hill. 8. Emma Ferguson, Last Lap.

Team Future Intermediate Horsemanship: 1. Ivey Noojin, Hammond. 2. Jeff Gantt, Last Lap. 3. Grace Ingle, Hancock. 4. Kacey Eaton, Trademark. 5. Madison Thiel, Dare. 6. Kaylee Adamek, Autumn Rose. 7. Jana Jacobson, Grier. 8. Courtney R. Peters, Alfred.

Final Hunt Seat Upper School Team Totals: Hopkins Academy/Biscuit Hill (National Champion) 20; Stone Bridge (Reserve National Champion) 19; Folly Farm 14; Sylvan 14; Fountain Valley 11; Herritage (RI) 11; Garrison 11; York 11; TAPS 8; Mercy 6; Evermore 7; Falcon Ridge 5; West Forsyth 5; Beckett Run 4; Bookmark 3; Morgan 3; Lake Effect 2; Seven J's 0 and Thacher 0.

Final Hunt Seat Middle School Team Totals: Dana Hall (National Champion) 20; Cranberry (Reserve National Champion) 13; Birmingham 12; Windcrest 10; Beckett Run 9; Double H 7; Wall Street 7; Pickwick/Clayhill 5; San Domenico 5; Mill Pond 4; Smoke Tree 4; TAPS 4; Willow Way 4; Evermore 3; Ashley Hall 2; Greenway 1; Alfred 0; Lewis Palmer 0 and Wachusett 0.

Final Western Upper School Team Totals: Grier School (National Champion) 25; Autumn Rose (Reserve National Champion) 24; Dare 19; Last Lap 16; Forsyth Central 13; Hancock 12; Alfred 11; Bay Hill 6; King Show 5 and Mountain Dell 1.

Final Western Middle School Team Totals: Autumn Rose Farm (National Champion) 20; Hammond (Reserve National Champion) 19; Dare 11; Hancock 11; Last Lap 9; Forsyth Central 7; Trademark 6; Pond Hill 2; Alfred 2 and Mountain Dell 1.


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